Fine sterling silver jewellery by Mushroom Design
Fine sterling silver jewellery by Mushroom Design

Alastair Scargall B.A. is a designer and maker of fine jewellery in sterling silver. Alastair is based in the small North Lincolnshire town of Winterton which is situated near the river Humber.

Mushroom Design offers an exclusive range of designs for earrings, ear studs and rings whose design is inspired by natural forms, leaves, seed heads etc. Each piece is individually made made from sterling silver wire, soldered and polished.

Statement Rings (knuckle dusters) are a speciality, using cabochon cut gemstones up to 40mm by 30mm set in a deep sterling silver bezel. Other designs include a range of designs for rings with a band which are readily adjustable in size (that special gift can be purchased without the worry of knowing the correct ring size).

Personalised Bangles – hand stamped sterling silver bands, in a range of sizes for that special event:

  • Weddings – bridesmaids gifts, bridal gifts – name/date.
  • New Mother – name of child/birth weight/date.
  • Naming Ceremony – Baptism – Christening name/date.
  • Special Event – Valentines Day – Song Title/Phrase special to you or that special person.

Charm Bangles – with initials, runes, celtic symbols in sterling silver. Handmade charms manufactured from up-cycled silver.

Lapel Badges and Tie Pins – with a difference! Each piece is individually made using sterling silver wire designs including scarabs and spiders.

Handmade Chains – each link is sawn, soldered, forged and polished. Matching bangles and earrings can be ordered, as with all designs. Chains are available in an “oxidised” (black) finish or highly polished silver.

Earrings and Ear Studs – unique designs which make an ideal gift or to treat yourself. Over 40 different designs and themes. Designs including “barbed wire”, “gardening tools” , “owls”, knives and forks” and “cats” are just a few of the designs available. A number of designs ensure the reflective quality of the polished silver is utilised to its fullest, through movement.

Cabochon Cut Gemstones – in a range of sizes can be selected from 14 different varieties /colours for earrings rings and pendants matching sets can be made to order. Mushroom Design also offers the service of setting the customers own earrings, rings, pendants and matching sets  – please enquire. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee availability of all stones.

Pendants – contemporary designs which allow the nature of the stones, where used, to be appreciated.

Photographs do not do justice to the surface finish of polished silver. The full range of designs can be viewed at craft fairs and agricultural shows when “Mushroom Design” has a stand. Please contact me to find out which events will be attended in the near future or if you wish to see the full range of designs and discuss your requirements.

One of the great things about handmade work is that each piece is unique, so minor variations from one piece to another is normal. Many of the designs for the jewellery based on natural forms are inspired by the flora found on angling holidays in Ireland.

Craft Fairs, Groups and Organisations

  • Organising a Craft Fair and would like Mushroom Design to take part?
  • Demonstrations, talks to groups on working in silver/jewellery making.
  • Jewellery making lessons.

Alastair is teaching one day workshops on working is sterling silver at the Ropewalk Gallery Barton upon Humber.
Workshops include:

  • Sterling silver stack rings
  • Personalised bracelets
  • Lily earrings and pendant

Contact the Ropewalk  ( for further information cost/dates etc.

Sales also through (MushroomDesign).

Facebook Mushroom Jewellery Design – carries details of craft fairs that Mushroom Design will be attending and details of new designs as they are developed.

 Please don’t hesitate to contact Alastair.

All work meets the UK hallmarking requirements.