Sterling Silver Bangles, Cufflinks and Crosses

Bangles, Cuff Links & Crosses


Personalised Bangle


Detail of the personalised bangle, stamped by hand. Make ideal gifts for weddings (bride/bridesmaids), mothers or other special events. Choice of 2 fonts. Please note these bangles are stamped by hand so the spacing of letters will not be exact, but that is part of their appeal.

Runes Bangle

from £40.00   plus the cost of the charms.          

Runes are traditionally worn for protection and luck – add them to a 2mm diam.  bangle. Each runic charm is hand forged from sterling silver. Round runes £8 (10mm diam. approx rectangular 12 by 8mm approx. Bangle illustrated £30 plus 3 round runes at £8 = £54 ( Runes can be purchased separately choice of 24 symbols).


from £30.00             

Constructed from either 6mm wide (approx.) sterling silver strip (£40) or 2mm diam. sterling silver wire (£30). Sizes 50/55/65 & 70 mm diam. Larger sizes can be produced.

“Circles” Bangle


Fourteen soldered and hand-forged links, 240 mm. total length. Each circle is 15mm diam. Matching “Circles” earrings and chain necklace available.

Dandelion Bangle



Ball & Ring Bangle





A broad sterling silver cuff with large hallmarks used as the decoration.

Decorated Bangle


Bangle decorated with either circles of triangles stamped into the surface, with the marks oxidised and then highly polished.     


Lincolnshire Hare Bangle


A  unique piece which carries the image of a hare running towards the moon. The verse “The Lincolnshire hare is a wondrous beast – by moonlight she runs west to east” is stamped around its circumference. The amount of overlap varies upon the size of the bracelet (bracelet illustrated 65mm inside diameter. A 60mm  inside diameter would have a longer overlap than a 70mm overlap). Please enquire regarding size. Thanks to potter Leah Goldberg “Dancing Hare Pottery” Lincoln (etsy shop) for kindly giving permission to use her verse,

Imprint Cuff Links

from £50.00

Imprint Cuff


A broad sterling silver cuff with a lace design imprinted onto its surface by pressing a paper pattern into the surface of the silver, then shaped and barrel polished. No two designs will be the same.

Cuff Links



Cuff Links


A 12 x 19 mm ellipse of silver – can be stamped with initials or runes. Individual designs on request.

Silver Cross

from £15.00

Hand-forged from sterling silver wire – small, 22mm long £15; large, 36mm long £25.